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Music composer for TV, films, video games, advertising and media platforms.
Sound design for media.
Madrid, Spain.


If you are looking for the best original quality bespoke music and sound design that fits your project, you are at the right place! 


My name is Angel Madero and I'm a freelance composer and sound designer spezialised in audiovisual media (Film, television, advertising, video games, multimedia platforms, etc.). 

The art of utilizing the power of images in conjunction with the power of music and sound, in my opinion, is the most powerful communication tool existing, capable of evoking feelings unlike any other.

As a result of this, music plays a crucial role in connecting, reinforcing and complementing the visual part, as well as a thoughtful sound design that helps us immerse ourselves in the action, is essential to connecting with our viewers.

Throughout my career, I have been working with audiovisual language to unite these worlds, adapting to the platforms that the medium understands and its requirements (stereo, 5.1, or 3D audio). I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and for a variety of clients with advertising, film fiction, television, augmented reality, video games, museums, etc.

By scrolling down this page, you can get a closer look at my work or explore my filmography, but what I really would like you to do is contact me and tell me about your project.

Musica Angel Madero
Sonidos angel madero
Audiovisuales angen madero


music for media


Knob PAN Black
Angel Madero. Diseño Sonoro Reel Publicidad
Angel Madero. Reel Sfx Animacion
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