Angel Madero is a young Spanish composer of TV, films, video games, advertising and media platforms born in Seville, Spain. Currently based in downtown Madrid where he works in his own music production studio.

Graduated in audiovisual communication at the University of Seville, early on he discovered his passion for music and sound in audiovisual media.
After his graduation at the university he decided to focus his career on music composition for films and television, studying, music production and mastering the use of different kinds of audio digital software to become a music composer.

In addition, he became a Pro Tools technician by the University of Zaragoza and completed some specialized courses at Berklee Collegue of Music, such as Music Business, Studio Vocal Recording and Music Production.
At the same time he started to work as electronic music arranger for artists and worked on some shortfilms as music composer.

After his studies, he worked at the postproduction department on a audiovisual company, where he learned from the inside how the music industry is organised and the different stages in the media business. At this stage, he worked with national and international clients in a wide range of projects such as corporate videos, documentaries, advertising and multimedia platforms. For this reason he developed a great capacity of adaptability and knowledge of the audiovisual environment.

5 years later he decided to create his own company, MUSIC FOR MEDIA, focused on original music composition and sound design. To adapt his new company to the new technologies, he decided to study VR Sound and dove into inmersive platforms and experiences and complemented this knowledge with video games integration.
As a result, he participated in multimedia events, worked in museum exhibitions,  and collaborated in the design of videogames and VR experiences.

In short, Angel Madero's career has covered from fiction working on documentaries, tv series and shortfilms to events on museums with inmersive sound design. This is what makes the style of this composer very personal and varied. His eagerness for constant self-improvement and developing is one of his major strengths and his insterest for modern music compositions with effective sound design complete his audiovisual dedication to meet the music goals.

"Telling stories with notes"



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